Geography: The Countries and Territories of South America


Political map of South America. Image credit:

South America is a continent located mostly in the southern half of the Western Hemisphere. The continent is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and east, and by the Caribbean Sea and North America on the northwest. The following are the countries and territories of South America:

South America

Country Capital Official Language(s) Demonym
 Argentina Buenos Aires Spanish Argentinian, Argentine
 Bolivia La Paz, Sucre Spanish Bolivian
 Brazil Brasilia Portuguese Brazilian
 Chile Santiago Spanish Chilean
 Colombia Bogota Spanish Colombian
 Ecuador Quito Spanish Ecuadorian
 Falkland Islands (UK) Port Stanley English Falkland Islander
 French Guiana (Fr.) Cayenne French French Guianese
 Guyana Georgetown English Guyanese
 Paraguay Asuncion Spanish Paraguayan
Peru Lima Spanish Peruvian
 South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands King Edward Point English South Georgian,
South Sandwich Islander
 Suriname Paramaribo Dutch Surinamese
 Uruguay Montevideo Spanish Uruguayan
 Venezuela Caracas Spanish Venezuelan

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