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Financial Markets: Jamaica – Stocks – Mon Sep 16 2019

The following is a summary of the movement of stock indices in Jamaica’s financial markets for Monday, September 16, 2019:

Stock Indices

Stock Index Today’s Close Change (%)
JSE Index 514,559.87 +377.32 (+0.07%)
JSE Combined Index 511,079.46 +677.91 (+0.13%)
JSE All Jamaica Composite Index 565,170.03 +416.43 (+0.07%)
JSE Select Index 13,393.39 +7.58 (+0.06%)
JSE Junior Market Index 3,491.24 +30.36 (+0.88%)

Stock Market Summary

Measure Value
Number of Stocks Advancing: 25
Number of Stocks Declining: 29
Number of Stocks Trading Firm: 7
Total Number of Stocks Trading: 61
Market Volume: 87,852,893 units
Market Value: JMD $139,071,213.50

Top 3 Volume Leaders

Company Name Units Traded % of Market Volume
Wigton Windfarm Limited Ordinary Shares 79,968,581 91.03%
Sagicor Select Funds Limited – Financial 4,631,465 5.27%
Stationery and Office Supplies Limited 355,751 0.40%


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