Holiday Greetings: Happy August Mawnin’ from Jamaica Chronicle! #2019 #EmancipationDay #Emancipendence

Jamaica Chronicle wishes all who remember and observe a happy “August Mawnin’“ (“August Morning”) or Emancipation Day 2018. The holiday commemorates the anniversary of the emancipation of slaves throughout the former British Empire on August 1, 1834. In the early morning of August 1, 1834, some slaves in Jamaica climbed the mountaintops […]

WATCH: Jamaican Patois (NOT English!) – LangFocus

The following is a video from LangFocus providing an indepth overview of Jamaican Patois, the English-based creole language of Jamaica. If: Jamaican Patois (NOT English!) – LangFocus This video is all about Jamaican Patois, aka Jamaican Creole, the English-based creole language of Jamaica. Special thanks to Irina Bruce […]